. Privacy and Legal Notice

1.- Introduction

These terms and conditions govern your use of the website from the Stockibooks trademark that belongs to Enrique Santiago Silguero. The website provides information about the products and services delivered by the company. By using this website, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use the website.
The company will also be present in social networks such as: Linkedin, Twitter, Vimeo, IMDB etc.


2.- Identification of ownership of the website

According to the article 10 from the Law 34/2002, 11th July, about Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we provide details from ENRIQUE SILGUERO:

  1. Full name of the company: ENRIQUE SILGUERO, which is the trademark registered by the owner Enrique Santiago Silguero (OWNER).
  2. Registered office address: c/Cañizares 16, 1ºA. Madrid (Spain)
  3. NIF: 07971593-T
  4. Telephone: +34 657 740 585
  5. E-mail address:



3.- Users

The access and the use of the website does not require a registration. However, prior to access certain services you may be required you to fill in a registration form. You will also need a login key and a password that you will received once completed and summited the registration form.

The user will have to provide to the OWNER the information required as well as inform of any changes in it, in order to maintain the information as accurate and updated as possible at all times.

The user will also comply with an exclusive usage of the login and password and do not transfer it to a third party. In case of lost or theft the user will have to inform via e-mail info(at) of the potential usage of the website by a third party. The user will be hold responsible until such notice.



4.- Intellectual and industrial property

This website belongs to Enrique Santiago Silguero.

ENRIQUE SILGUERO® is a trademark registered by Enrique Santiago Silguero.

The user recognises Enrique Santiago Silguero as exclusive owner of this website. He has the licence on the contents of this website, which includes headings, texts, articles, comments, messages, photographies, designs, logos, fonts, graphics, images, drawings, audio, videos, software, multimedia programmes, the 'look-and-feel', trade marks, commercial names and distinctive signs that may appear on it.

The access to the website by the user does not imply in any case refusing totally or partially to his/her intellectual property rights. In the same way that it does not allow the alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, public communication or change of the product without prior written authorisation by the owners of such rights.

The user will be able to access, view, print, download and store the contents of the website only for personal use, and never for commercial purposes. The copyright and trademark sign and ownership footprints must be kept and respected at all times.

According to data protection, the user will not delete or alter any copyright mentions ©, ® and TM that appear on the website, in any of the materials, services or information provided by it.

When a user sends information, photos, comments or other suggestions (data) via e-mail, fax or mail to the OWNER of the website, that will automatically imply providing the OWNER a free non exclusive licence of use it at a global scale and as long as the law allows it.
This includes the possibility to publish, make accessible, transform, translate, distribute, refuse and delete such information from the data base. That can be done totally or partially, in any technology form known or to be released in the future. The licence will also allow the right to include and print the data on paper, CD-ROM, DVD, internet, the web and social networks.
The owner will also allow the access and sub licence of the data by third parties.

The users are responsible that the data does not break any third party rights or the current law. The information provided cannot be confidential either. The OWNER as well as his workers or partners can never be legally liable for the break of the law or third party rights done by the user. 


5.- Data protection

Enrique Santiago Silguero (OWNER) will provide the necessary data protection to the documents from users in order to access the contents of the website safely.

The website will follow the Law 15/1999 from the 13th December of Data Protection and its subsequent legal development 1720/2007 from the 21 December, as well as the Law 34/2002 from 11th July Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. According to them, the OWNER compromises to keep all the data (including the e-mail address) provided by the user during the course of the service and once it has finished, in a file stored by the Spanish General Register of Data Protection, with the inscription code 2120240098 with the filename CLIENTS.

The user will provide real, true, exact and full information. The user will keep this information updated. In those cases where the user gives third party information, he must follow the Law 15/1999 from 13th December (LOPD) in terms of quality, information and consent from the person whose personal data has been provided.

By filling in the register form the user accepts either by clicking the button, sending an e-mail, faxing or sending an sms, that his/her personal data will be uploaded on the file mentioned above.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use the website. Under-age users must have the written consent of their legal guardians, who will be hold responsible for the minor.

Despite the fact everything will be done to guarantee data protection, the user must be aware that security measures in Internet are not impregnable.

The User can request the OWNER the access, change, or cancellation of the data, as well as oppose to the usage or revoke the previous consent. The request will have to be done by the user or legal adviser with a written request sent to the company's registered address: c/Cañizares 16, 1ºA. Madrid (Spain). The form will have to include the following details: User's name and surname, address, photocopy of passport or ID card, and details of the request. 


6.- Usage of cookies

The website uses cookies. By using our website and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of the cookies policy.
The cookies are small files loaded on the hard disk in order to store information from the website. The cookies can only be read by the server which has sent them. They cannot be executed nor contain a virus. The OWNER uses them with the aim to improve the service. It will allow to recognise the user when he/she accesses the site, the date and time of the login and the flow of users during the course of the day. Cookies do not allow the OWNER to access information from the hard disk of the user, nor access other cookies from other providers. Cookies can be deleted by the user.


7.- Law 34/2002 about Services of the information and Electronic Commerce

The OWNER will include in the website links. They are for information purposes only and he does not know, control or give any advice or recommendation on the contents or products shown by the websites of such links.

The OWNER is not liable for websites accessed by the links.

Anyone wanting to include a link on their website from Stockibooks will have to submit to the following terms and conditions:

1. The link can only lead to the main page Other links are not allowed.
2. The link will never include wrong opinions, judgements, illegal or offensive mentions to the OWNER his employers, partners, products or services.
3. Cannot be included in any illegal, racist, pornographic, or degrading website.
4. The link does not imply a legal relationship between the OWNER and the person RESPOSIBLE for the website.
5. The OWNER is not liable for the contents or services offered by the website that provides the link. 


8.- Responsibilities

The user understands and accepts that he will be responsible for the usage of the contents and services shown in the website. The OWNER does not ensure that the information provided is precise, complete and updated.
The owner is not liable for the continuity and availability of the services or its contents.
The owner is not liable for the viruses or malicious software that can be encountered using the service.
The owner will not be liable for the loss or damage of any nature from the information provided nor by the interruption of a service included in the website. 


9.- Interruption, suspension and cancellation

The OWNER compromises to guarantee within reasonable terms, the access to the site all year around. However he reserves the right to modify, delete, interrupt or suspend the access to the services as well as the contents of the site without prior notice.


10.- Jurisdiction and legal frame

These terms and conditions follow the Spanish legislation. Both parties will be liable to this law. Unless prior agreement all legal matters will be dealt in the Tribunals from Lleida (Spain)

© Enrique Santiago Silguero 2013, Madrid. All rights reserved.
® ENRIQUE SILGUERO is a trademark registered by Enrique Santiago Silguero.

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